Entry 8 // the waiting game...

Update by: Luke | January 25th, 2011

It's been 10 days since an update and we really don't have much to update. The sad story is, the bikes are still being delayed. Yesterday we took a bus to the airport fully expecting to have posession of the bikes. Well, it didn't happen. The good news is the bikes ARE at the Cape Town airport. According to Paul (our new Cape Town contact). The bikes were in Joburg since December 28th, but the paperwork was lost. They found the paper work and the bikes were delevered to the Cape Town Airport Saturday January 22nd. Of course that was the weekend so we had to wait a few days until monday to get anything done. There are three problems with why the bikes are not being cleared through customs.

One of the problems is my bill of sale. It is a hand written note and signed by the seller. It is not officical looking, so they are worried that it could be fake. They need the bill of sale because they want to know how much the bikes are worth so they can tax us accordingly. Nick of course does not have this problem because he bought his bike directly from a dealer and there is a very thick paper trail documenting that.

The second problem is that the paperwork lists only one bike with parts inside instead of two bikes with no parts. This probably happened because we put both bikes inside one crate. So before our bikes can be released they need to change the paperwork so two bikes get released instead of one bike and parts. This needs to be straightened out otherwise we will have a huge problem at the boarder when trying to cross on obviously two bikes verses one bike and spare parts.

The third problem I can not even remember right now.

In the mean time we are profesional internet woreloards. I think I spend more money on Internet than this hostel. Besides Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Bmxboard, Advrider, Macrumors and Amazon, this is what we have done with our time...

Eat, beach, eat, sunburn, eat, soccer, eat, pool, repeat

Ok, I'm going to talk you through a typical Day... First you wake up and find somthing cheap to eat with your friends.

$3-4Then you walk down to Strand Street and find a Mini Bus to take you to the beach $1The buses are usually not very crowded, but they can be like they were this day.Next you make more friends so you can play soccer with them and talk to the girlsThen layout for some sunThen you get sunburnedBy now the day is fading and you make your way back to your neighborhood to look for dinner. I love Sushi, but Nick doesn't. Too expensive for just a regular night anyway, we move on.We end up at Bob's for some lamb kebob's humas and pita bread with lettuce and salsa garnish. Very Very good $5





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