Entry 7 // we are family...

Updated by: Luke | January 15th, 2011

A look a what happens at backpackers

We have been in South Africa for 11 days now and aside from the quick road trip to the Elephant reserve, we have stayed at the Cat and Moose Backpakers. It feels like we have the best housemates you could ask for. We have become a big family. The last two days especially. As nick wrote up 5 us when Shark Diving and then the next day we rented two cars and drove down to the Cape of Good hope. Here are some pictures of us hanging out and living together.

I am apoligizing ahead for spelling names wrong...
From left to right, top to bottom: Tom, Charlotte, Daniel, Nick, Luke, Katie, Joey, Roberto, Sham

We all rented two cars for the day and drove down to the Cape of Good Hope. It was about an hours drive down there. We stopped to eat some breakfast along the way. Nick and I are Americans so we already had cheeseburgers for breakfast earlier so we didn't get anything to eat. Instead I found a hacky sack to buy at a store and we played out in the parking lot. I wonder how much of my life I have spent hanging out in parking lots? I am sure it is more than what is recommended.Daniel is a soldier and is not afraid of anything. Good guy to have around.
Once we entered the park we immediately saw Ostriches and ran out to meet them. (Leave the car game will now be refered to as: LTCG)Nick is obsessed with the hacky sackAfter the bird watching Car 1 decides we are not allowed to stop until the Cape because we all get so distracted and take forever to get back in the cars. I think this is funny because it reminds me so much of my friends back home. Hanging out in parking lots and taking forever to do anything. We get to the Cape and do the tourist thing for as long as we can stand it. Every one has their own way to be touristy.

Nick and katie like to pose. Roberto likes to film everything. I don't know how many times I said hello to brazil on that camera.Daniel takes his quacking duck everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. He's been doing this for 5 years.Charlette is a sign climberI am just happy with my shirt off and lots of sunA few people had to get back to the backpaker early so we shuffled some people in the cars and one car took off while the other stayed behind for a bit. I moved into car 2 with nick and we rocked out to some KeSha on the way home. We came across some baboons and everyone is car 2 was down to play LTCG.

Dance party screen shotBaboonsWe got a little too close and the Angry mom showed her teeth. Roberto hit the gas and I rolled up the window.good bye baboonsThe night before this we all went out to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant. It was very very expensive. 213 Rand per person so about $33 USD. In comparison our backpacker is 100 Rand per night. I would not trade that night for the world though. I laughed so hard when we convinced the employees there to put on an Ethiopian style dance for us. I am pretty sure that is not a normal occurance at this place. We went around in a circle. Each country showing countrys style of dancing. Roberto and Katie are from Brazil and killed it. They met 5 years ago during a dance class and continue to dance together on a regular basis. It was pretty easy for Nick and I to show how American guys dance. Hands in pockets looking cool. Then Nick showed some country line dancing stuff. Somalian dancing is mainly shaking your bootie. We never did get to see Charlotte's Uganda style or Daniel's German stuff. The Ethiopian dance is so funny looking. Imagine if a bird with broken wings were to dance. The dance is all in your head and neck and chest. Not much in the legs and nothing in the arms. The arms are just frozen by your side with your elbows bent with your hands resting near your waist. You puff your chest in and out like a lizard and pop your neck like a chicken.

It was really dark inside so I do not have so many pictures of the night because they are mostly blury

Not that this part is import, but I just want to remember this and read this when I am old. I only have one shirt at this point and it was smelling really bad, so earlier when I took a shower I washed my shirt at the same time. I hung it up to dry and the just wore my hoodie to the restaurant. The restaurant is on the 3rd story and it got hotter with every level. I decided to run back and grab my wet t shirt because I was sweating so much in the warm hoodie. I also grabbed my camera because no one had one. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's a good thing I only have one shirt otherwise there would have been no photos at all.
They do this to everyone, not just the stinky AmericansWe had two plates full like this. You eat the food by tearing off bread from what looks similar to a roll of toilet paper, then grabbing the sauce/meat mixture with your bread. I know we had beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp, I do not know what the rest was. Probably vegetarian things.These people work here and showed us an authentic Ethiopian dance. The employees turned up the music for us and come out for a big circle dance to end the night.


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