Entry 6 // Shark Diving

Updated by: Nick | January 15th, 2011

The one thing we wanted to do while we were in Cape Town was go shark diving with the great whites. After being in stuck in this city for so long we finally got around to doing it. It was great. We have started making friends at our hostel and we had five of us all go together. It made it a lot more fun. Especially since it started early in the morning with a 2 hours bus ride. We saw the usual scenery on the drive. Shanty towns, which I think they call townships, and beautiful mountians.After our bus ride we finally arrived at our destination. It was right next to this grocery store. Apparently they are not as concerned at the quality of there food as we are, or at least advertising it as high quality. We got a quick speech about safety and climbed in our boat and were backed into the water.After a short 20 minute boat ride we were at "shark alley". Our guide gave us another speech about what to do. By this time he knew he needed to keep his eye on Luke and I. I think he was on to us and our desire to touch the sharks. He was a cool guy, and was down for us peeing in wet suits.The workers started to bait the sharks while we got wet suited up. It wasn't long before our first shark came to the boat.Luke and I jumped at the chance to be the first one in the cage. Joke was on us though, the water was freezing.We were in the cage for about 15 minutes and then for some reason they decided they had to move the boat to a new anchor spot. It was really weird being in the cage while the boat was driving. I felt like I was one of the crabs in the Deadliest Catch. After they moved the boat it Luke and I had to get out so more people from the group could jump in.Lucky for us we were able to go in for round two. And round two was even better. Unfortunately it was also colder. We were so cold our hands could hardly hold the cameras. That didn't stop us from staying until we were told our turn was over.The sharks a not suppose to eat any of the bait. The guys who are throwing the tuna heads are supose to pull the bait back to the boat when the sharks try to get it. Hopefully, they will get the sharks to run into the cage.This is just an eerie looking picture. It kind of makes you scared to go swimming because a shark is lurking in the shadow only 10 feet away.Sometimes those sharks can be pretty sneaky and get the tuna, even though they are not suppose to.Unfortunately we never got to touch the sharks. By now we were all freezing cold. The good news was that we got a hot meal back at their base while we watched the movie of our day shark diving. Then we got the 2 hour bus ride back to cape town while we cracked jokes with our new friends.



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