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Entry 58 // Europe!!!!!!!

Update by: Nick | May 9th 2011

It feels so good to get on the road again. We have been hanging out in major cities waiting to continue the trip for too long. Istanbul is not too far from the Bulgarian border, and that is where we are heading. The plan is to cross the border and find a hotel in Bulgaria by the end of the day. This should be easy. Well, normaly it would, but we decided to hit the road around 3:00. I mean, we wouldn't want anything to be too easy.
Getting out of Istanbul was easy, except for one gas stop with no entry back onto the main road. Lucky for us my dad brought his garmin maps of Europe with them so it wasn't too hard to get back on the main road. The only problem was when Luke and I decided we could sneak onto a entrance ramp by doing an illegal u-turn. No - we didn't get a ticket if that is what you were thinking. We did manage to go up an exit ramp heading for the wrong way down the highway though. The best part about the whole scenario is Luke and I had our communication systems on the whole time talking it over but Ben was just following us and trusting we would make the right decision. I guess jokes on Ben; he really should of known better.
Back on the highway we started making up time for our late start. I think Ben pretty much summed up what we all felt.Before we made it to the border we stoped at a truck stop to burn the rest of our Lirra.The Turks are really serious about their anti-smoking campaigns. There campaign iis putting our "smoking can cause lung cancer" logo to shame.We reached the border with about two hours of daylight to spare. This border looks a bit more serious than we have been use to the last few months. I'm not sure if the three of us can figure it out without 5 locals telling us what to do.The first part goes pretty smooth. Ben always goes first, but since he is an EU citizen, he doesn't cause as much confusion as me or Luke. First we show our passports and they want our motorcycle paperwork. We give them our titles and they seem content. Then we go to the next station where they stamp the passports. Then we drive up to the next station where they want our bike paper work again. Now I feel like I am the McDonalds drive through, every window is a differnt person with a different job. I hope the last station gives me a double cheeseburger, fries and a coke. Anyway - the third station doesn't like our paperwork. They say we are not in the computer. After 10 minutes Luke tells them we arrived at the airport, this seems to make sense to them. They get back to work on their computers and after another 10 minutes - nothing. The girl in the booth speaks no english, but manages to tell us to go to station 94 and talk to a guy there. Ben stays put and luke and I head off to station 94. The man in booth 94 spoke english really good, which I obviously don't, otherwise I would have wrote, the man in booth 94 spoke english very well. I was due to call myself out on how bad my grammar and spelling has been. Either way he could speak english. He liked to refer to himself as a problems solver, which he was since he got done what needed to be done. I have no idea what he did, but he said we could go.We made it out of Turkey, now hopefully Bulgaria decides to be nice to us.The process for round two was the same as round, go booth to booth giving them our passport and title. It turns out Bulgaria was really nice to us. For one they let motorcycles drive to front of the line or skip the line completely and not talk to the guy in the booth. And for two, they didn't make us have insurance, which is nice since we forgot to get the green card back in istanbul that covers all of Europe. In total there were 7 booths to go through to get through this border, and they all asked for the same two documents. I mean - I'm better at math than grammar, but that just doesn't add up.By now it's dark and we are ready to get a hotel. 10 Kilometers into Bulgaria we find a room. For 17 Euro the three of us get a room with one bed. But the bathroom had the nicest shower I'd seen in a long time. Tomorrow we head for Romania. Well, maybe with a quick pit stop in Greece first.






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