Entry 5 // Addo Elephant Reserve

Update by: Nick | January 12th, 2011

After being disappointed with Cape Town and driving for hours and hours we finally got to see something that really made us excited to go to Africa - the wildlife. We drove our micro car to the Addo Elephant Reserve (which was an experience in itself) and drove it around the park. We were a little dissapointed to find out the reserve seemed to be model after Jurasic Park. AKA, there were 10 feet high electric fences surrounding the researve and anywhere someone would be outside of their car; but it was still AWESOME. After driving trough the gate it took us only minutes to start seeing wildlife. Our first spot were these guys.They weren't the most exciting, and we were on a mission to find the lions so we didn't stick around. We drove to a main watering hole on our search for lions. When we got there we saw probably 100 elephants. We stopped in the middle of the road where they were crossing and watched them walk 2 feet away from our car. We were too excited to take many pictures.We continued driving looking for lions and came across a fewmore animals.After driving around for awhile it was time to stop and take a break. That and give the camera some sexy man poses.Naturally the shirts are going to come off after awhile.After surviving the South African cougars at the scenic overlook it was time to find those lions.We must be getting close to the lions.False alarm.Now is when things start getting interesting. Luke decides it will be fun to get out of the car to get a picture of a wildboar. He was right, it was fun. The boar started to have a stare down with Luke and give give Luke a snort.Some of these guys you had to be quick to spot or they would disappear.Now things get even more interesting. We came up on this gal and Luke suggest I touch her. Me being the responsible guy I am decide to just see how things go just getting close.Things didn't go well. She gave me the stank eye, yelled at me, and we both hightailed it out of there.We double backed to some of the places we were told lions might be. We found one last stragaler lurking in the bushes.We never found any of those lions.



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