Entry 4 // Car Rental

Update by: Luke | January 12th, 2011

Why are we renting a car ????

The short version of the story is we were told by the shipping company to allow 7 days for the bikes to be shipped. So we gave ourselves some leway. We dropped off the crate 10 days before we were to arrive to Cape Town. Then we get an email saying the bikes will be there on the 9th, then the 13th, so we rented a car to "kill time" which is probably the worst way to say it. It's really impossible to kill time when you are in another country. So this is the story of the road trip. (P.S. when we returned to Cape Town I received an email saying the soonest they may be here is now the 18th)

First of all you drive on the wrong side of the road wrich makes things real interesting. Both Nick and I caught ourselves driving on the incorrect side going towards traffic a few times. It's the hardest when you are turning onto a new road.

passing is allowed with on comming traffic.We spotted these monkey from the side of the roadWe drove and drove with the plans of entering the country that is surronded by South Africa. It starts with an L, but I don't have internet right now to look it up. Anyway, it was way too far away and we had to be back by the 13th to pick up our motorcycles so we decided to call it a day, find a hotel and plan on heading south to the Elephant National Park in the morning.


We woke up at 5:00 a.m. and caught the sunrse.
We were tired of Tarmac so we took some gravel roads with the rental on the way to the park. At times we were pushing the rental car pretty hard. It was like driving in the Indian Mounds in Merritt, MI. This is what we saw along the way.We actually got the picture first try, but I wanted to throwthis staged picture in for Adam Y. He is the behind the scenes guy who build the site and does all the graphicsNick and I kind of have this game going where we try to get out of the car when your not supposted to. This was the first animal we came across for the game. I hear they kick hard, and this one had little ones with it. This was a wild Ostrich, but you see farmed ones everywhere. This was lunch at the National Park. 90 Rand, which is about $15 USD. Pretty expensive, infact this whole country is pretty expensive.Nick is writing the update of the national park as I type this, so I'll skip ahead to the Awesome Bed and Breakfast that we found to stay at that nite. It cost us 125 Rand each ($22 USD) Ironically breakfast doesn't come with as the name would have you believe. That was another $50 Rand ($8 USD) The amenities were quit good though. We got to swim in the pond, take out some kayaks, hit up the homemade zip line and homemade trampoline, and Nick even used the owners office computer to check his email. They were pretty nice people.
We left around noon and headed south twards Port Elizabeth. Nick found a backerpaker in a travel book with free internet for 100 Rand pp. This guy was funny. He told us that when he is busy he just pees under the table. He puts straw in it so he can be talking to people at the same time and they have no clue. He wasn't joking. He showed us the jug. He answered all our questions about how much money people make here, and why is the country so expensive. etc...We had a good chat and made good enough friends to get photos inside the tent. His shirt has a patch that says "I overcame Anorexia"You can see we have only been staying at nice places. That is because there are no shady cheap places to stay. It is unfortunate. My first swim in the Indian Ocean. Nick and I have both swam in 3 oceans now. the 4th is coming up in May. It's going to be cold up there. We were playing a balancing game on a rock with the waves and Nick punched me in the face with his elbow. Bloody nose and bloody boogers for the next few days. (I don't eat bloody boogers)back to Cape Town to wait for the motorcycles......


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