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Entry 36 // Luke gets sick

Update by: Luke | March 18th, 2011

I wake up one morning feeling good, and head to the toilet like normal. I sit down and have really bad Diarrhea. I'm not suprised because Nick had it just yesterday. The only reason I'm upset is because this breaks my record of no diarrhea for the entire trip. 15 minutes later, I have it again, Then again, Then again. Nick only had it a few times for the entire day, and today he is fine, but before noon, I had visited the toilet about 10 times and I have zero appitite. I watch "Lost" on my computer and try to work on some updates. I just don't have energy. Finally around 4 and after more toilet visits, I give into Brads recommendation on going to the clinic. I take one last squat, and then hop in the 3 wheeler as we bounce into town. I'm not really feeling good at the clinic. I just want to lay down somewhere. Finally it is my turn. This is a private clinic. The lady that owns it and runs the show used to be a director of the public hospitol for 13 years. I'm at a good place. I tell her my name and my symptoms. So far, no paper work. I get my temperature taken and she pokes around my stomach and chest doing doctor stuff.My temperature is 99 degrees. She can run a poop sample to see what exactly I have, but that takes 3 days to culture. She is pretty sure it is bacteria in my Intestine, and since I am only pooping and not throwing up she knows what kind of antibiotic will help me. I am very dehydrated, so she recommends an I.V. to pump me back up. Brad has had one before and vouches for her. I am obviously scared of getting AIDS from any needle and am reluctant. She calls me out for this, which is pretty awesome of a doctor to do. She says "You think I'm going to give you AIDS and other virus and bad things don't you." I absolutly am. We have been taught as Americans to be scared to death of medicine in Africa. The equiptment she has comes in plastic bags and is thrown away after 1 use. I calm down and take the needle.I feel better already, and pay my bill of $12.Next we go to the pharmacy to pick up my $7 antibiotic to kill the bad bacteria in my intestine. I feel good rest of the day, until after dinner.

I still don't have an appitite, but try to eat soup. After dinner I start to sweat and my mouth gets watery. I run to the toilet and puke everything I just ate. I am tired and pass out after brushing my teeth and dumping water down the toilet to clean it up a little and get rid of the smell.

the next morning, I had diarrhea, but it is a little firmer. I feel good all day.

the next next morning, I have 1/2 diarrhea, and still feel great. That is right now as I am typing this. So I think the medicine is working. I will know more tomorrow. Nicks Diarrhea only lasted one day with no medicine. Maybe he is tougher than me. Who knows.

So here I sit, typing up this report. Nick is on his way back from Nairobi with his fuel pump. We will instal the pump today. In the morning we plan to go Hippo spotting from a boat in lake Victoria, and then take off. I'm getting ancy and am ready to get back on the road. We have a lot of ground to cover in the next two months. It feels good to be caught up on our blog.

Now I just have to take a minibus into town to upload everything.






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