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Entry 28 // Beards be gone!

Update by: Luke | March 7th, 2011

So we summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, and if you have been paying attention, that means we finally get to shave our nasty beards off. Timmer brought a beard trimmer because he is Timmer. It's the morning Timmer leaves to fly back to the states. It is early and we are not in the mood to do anything, but it's time. It's now or never. SHAVE THOSE BEARDS!!!

Nick firstOk, now my turnI'm sorry about this post. Pretty gross if you ask me, but wow, do I feel like a new man now.

And to top it off, I made a BEARD SHAVING VIDEO!!!!

Who's excited? I know I am!

Our reward for summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro is shaving our nasty beards off.


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