Entry 2 // Cape Town first impressions

Update by: Luke | January 8th, 2011

This town feels shady.

The next few days are a blur from boderline heat stroke. Coming out of the airport we take the bus into town. I didn't have my camera out and missed some shots of the shandy town. Immage the typical squating homes made out of pallets, scrap tin and garbage. Apparently they tried to clean that all up for the World Cup but didn't quite get the project finished. Reminds me of Detroit moving all the homeless people out of the way for the Super Bowl. By the time I got the camera out, the shanty town was passed.A nice city worker talked us into getting a cab for the "backerpacker" hunt. Backpackers is their version of a hostel. I'm glad we took the cab because it was so hot and hauling our 80 pounds of gear on our backs would have got old real fast. We found a place called "Cat and Moose" (I don't understand the name either) It was110R per night per person ($17 USA.) Next on the list was food then a well deserved nap. We are staying on Long Street which is a popular area for backpackers and tourists. I usually try to avoid these places because it is very annoying being treated as such. You get whistled at all the time and offered weed/sex etc... a regular basis.After eating at the "24-7" and taking a nap, we found "Yours Truly." a trendy coffee/juice/art shop with free WiFi.

So the bikes are supposed to be here on the 9th, but when Nick checked his email the delevery date has changed to the 13th. So now we have about a week to kill in Cape Town.the rest of the day we spent hanging out at the backpackers in the pool and resting.The next morning we walked to the fishermans wharf. This was a newly developed ritzy part of town, a nautral location for the bmw dealership. We talked to an awesome guy named Shane who said we could unpack our bikes and store our gear right there at their shop. He gave us a contact and let us use their phone to call a man to get our bikes from the airport for us. He's charging us about $100 USD for the service. Sounds halfway decent to me.On the walk back we found this strange looking tree...(we checked for snakes first)breakfast from two angles.so far the animals are not never intimidating.The pool tables here are tiny. 6 feet long and the balls are much smaller. The pocket corners are rounded. Here is nick going for a jump shot.Back to the 24-7 to get something to eat.I wonder if she recently washed her feet. The day before I saw her running barefoot outside. (The food tasted fine)So now it comes down to the feature photo. I hate to give a negative view to this town as we have only been here a few days, but I will be happy to leave this place. Mostly because I don't like touristy areas, but also because it feels shady. I trust my gut because that's really all I can do. I trusted it when I met this man today.

Con or Not?...

I was outside of "Yours Truly" lurking some free WiFi facebooking and Tweeting when this Man comes up to me asking for the time. That turned into are you an American? He says good and starts laying down the story. This is the abridged version. He is a Canadian on vacation with his 3 syblings 9,12 and 19. He is the oldest 31 and they all got their passports stolen on a bus. So he needs money 360R ($55 USD) to get bus tickets to go to a village outside of Cape Town to the Canadian Consulate. I am always down to help people and at first the story sounded ok, so I went into a shop to sit down and talk. The more he talked the more the story Mirrored the story of the "Religious Man" from my last motorcycle trip in Mexico. Things were not adding up in my head...

Why did you leave your passport less siblings alone some where?
Why does he know where my backpacker is since he's only been here a few days?
Why is his fair skin not complely sun burned?
Why won't he talk slower and calm down when I ask him to?
Why is he showing aggression to me and mad that I am taking a while to convince?

I pull out my camera and want to take a photo of him. This is another way for me to read him. I hit the record button and ask him to slowly go through his story again. I know if I was telling the truth, I would be ok with that. He gets really mad and tries to block the camera. Saying I am a horrible American. Why won't I help him out. He takes the notes that we had been writing on a napkin and storms out. I will never know the truth to the story. It is impossible to say, but I THINK this guy was a fake.




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