Entry 17 // Awesomeness

Update by: Luke | February 11th, 2011

Today was really awesome. It started with Mr. Nick cooking up some breakfast while I broke down camp. Eggs, onion and sausage really good!I really don't know how to put this approprratly, and their may not be a way to do so, so I will just tell you this story as it happened. I hope you can look at this with a scientific eye as I did.
I had to poop so I did. It had hardly hit the ground when 3 beetles ran right over and started checking it out. So I started checking out the beatles checking out my poop. What they were doing was eating it, or so I thought at first. Now this is kind of normal. bugs like poop and you always see them on or near it, but what these beatles were doing was different they were carving out small balls out of the main log. Once they got a small ball free they would work it over and over until it was round enough for their satisfaction and then roll it through the desert.

Carving the rough shapeThe one on the right was much fasterThen roll it outThese guys really were amazing, and good at what they do. We followed this guy about 40 feet and he showed no signs of slowing down soon. I have never heard of these beatles before. I think these are different than the "dung beatles" I learned about in school. One mans trash another mans treasure. Nature is pretty cool.

Moving on....
Today we have to crank out some miles to get to Timmer in time. We are already out in the middle of nowhere. about 80 miles of dirt until the closest paved road. The road started off dry, but transfered to this as we moved north. We are finding out we are hitting the rainy season.This is awesome, this is the stuff we were looking for. The more we ride the less fuel our tanks have. We pull out the GPS to look for the closest gas station and find one 60 ish miles away. We only have about 60 ish miles of gas. So then next 60ish miles are not fast anymore. We are now riding at optimal gas milage speed which is around 50-55. We get here and find the river flooded and the road closed.That's ok though. For occasions like this they open up the dam bridge for traffic.30 miles down the road and we finally get to pavement. Now only 15 miles to the gas station. Nick stops to fill his main tank with his spare tank. I just cross my fingers. Now these guys show up.They are from the UK and have been traveling for 4 months now. They did Egypt and said it is impossible without a Carinet. We will see about that. We chatted for a good 15 minutes and had a great time. They advised us of good places to see and others to pass through. I couldn't help but keep noticing how lowed their bike was. We laughed about our struggles and wished each other the best. I love running into people like this. They are always so positive and supportive of everything.

We pulled into town and got gas before we ran out. The grocery store was next, and on the way there I got called out by a cop driving by for not having my lights on. (noted: lights on always in Namabia.) as we pulled up to the store a couple of kids were trying to tell us where to park and everyone was staring. AKA we couldn't leave our bikes alone here. Nick ran in to look lunch options. It was pretty slim, so I ran in to get the potatoes, onion, garlic and banana's tonights meal. Onward to a place where we can eat in peace. 60 miles down the road we reach a really small town and stop for a coke and frozen sauage. They said the water was clean so we filled up for the night. I hold 10 liters and nick holds 8. We are finding out that's really enough just for one day with cooking and staying hydrated. This was the only store. Not much of a town here and I always wonder what people do for money. There were kids running around and waving, pushing their little cards, made out of wire and peanut buttle lids as wheels. The kids asked for our empty glass bottles so we gave them away. They are happy to get the deposit back from them.

Ok, break time is over, back on the road for an hour or so. We get gas drink a milkshake at Whimpy burger (I don't understand the name either)

back on te road, through a check point. We just smile real big and show our driver licenses. Joke a bit and we are off again. More gas, then we turn off the paved road to a dirt road hoping to find a emptry area to camp for the night. It will be dark in about an hour so we just haul down the road looking for a spot.Hmm...Now what?We wade across first to see how deep it isok, it's actually pretty shallow.So this is perfect, we will cross the water then just camp on the other side. I'm going to set up my camera gear first though. Not as easy as it sounds.

*Set up camera A on your current side ready to film.
*Get helmet camera B set-up
*Walk across set-up camera C and press record
*Run back, start camera A, put on riding gear, start helmet camera B
*Drive across
*Shut off camera B and Camera C
*Take off riding gear, run back across, shut off Camera A
*Walk back with camera A

During the begining of this process, these guys stopped and asked if we were ok, We are fine, we just want to film this. They said that's cool, where are you staying tonight? We just pointed to the other side and said we would pitch a tent. They said when we have crossed to come to their farm. They are only 5 kilometers away . First place on the left. This is awesome news. Free safe place to camp for the night. We finish up the filming and take off. I walked though there 6 times in my underwear and didn't get bit by a snake once.We arrive at the farm, and this is where I am typing this up. The story of the farm will be next. We did the last three updates tonight while charging batterys and cooking and taking showers. Everything is now ready to be uploaded to the internet once we find a connection. Who knows when that will be. Anyway. We have been busy solid for hours. It is now 2:45 A.M. I'm going to bed.

What a Awesome Day!




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