Entry 14 // The Cape of False Hope

Update by: Nick | February 7th, 2011

After two days at the KTM dealer Luke's bike was ready to ride. Many tests were performed trying to troubleshoot the problem. But, we are still not 100% sure what was originally wrong with it. They cleaned the injectors, and remaped the fuel system. Then they let the bike idle for 15 min and took it for a test ride. Everything looked good.We did some last minute tweeks to the bikes that night and packed up to finally start our adventure. We were pumped!It was a good thing we were leaving too. I was starting to get a bit too comfortable with my belongings and was leaving valubles vulnerable when I went out.Woke up the next morning and said some goodbyes to friends we've met here over the last month. Nathan (One of the workers at our hostel) was devestated to see us leave. That's probably a lie. I bet most are excited to have us get our bikes out of the courtyard.Boy did riding our bikes again feel GREAT! We've been couped up in a hostel for so long, waiting to accomplish a dream, that we felt absolutely free. We woke up early and headed for Cape Agulhas, the southern most point in Africa. Everything just felt right. We even have communication systems so we can crack jokes while we ride. We were amazed at how clear we could hear each other. We hit 90 mph and could still hear with no problems. 30 miles from Cape Agulhas I was clearly able to hear luke say, "Nick, my bike just died". I thought he was just joking with me. He wasn't. The bike rolled to a stop on the side of the road with the same symptoms as earlier. We decide to take one shot at fixing it. Luke is getting really good at knowing his way around his bike.We did find some junk in the tank by the fuel pump. Maybe this was the problem?It wasn't. We put the bike together and see if it will run again. But first we figured we would sneek a picture to make it look like we were on real adventure roads and broken down in the middle of nowhere.After we put the bike together, we tried to start it one last time to see if it wanted to run. It didn't. Luckly (not sure that is the right word here) we were only 100 miles from Cape Town. So we called our friend Steve. Steve is a real good guy who transported our bikes from the airport to the BMW dealership. Good thing we had a satalite phone.Steve left right after we called. Which was awesome considering we were two hours away and it was a Sunday afternoon. We had some time to burn so we figured we would go to the beach.Who needs water and sand to lay out and get a tan. People underestimate how well the side of a highway works for getting tan. And by tan I mean burn. After two hours of sunbathing, Steve was there.We loaded up the Luke's bike and headed home. AKA The Cat and Moose Hostel. All of our friends were surprised to see us back. Tomorrow we will tow the motorcycle to the dealership and see what they can find. Hopefully we can figure it our and get on the road soon. I think we've seen enough of Cape Town. Luke is probably getting sick of racking up bills here. The tow cost him $200 USD.

Here is a video Luke made of working on the bike. It shows the mood we were in pretty well.



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