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Entry 13 // You know you're a local when...

Update by: Luke and Nick | February 3rd, 2011

We have been here a month now, and we are realizing that we are no longer tourists. So we made this list to help you understand how we made the transformation from Tourist to Local.

Top Ten Reasons you know you're a local...

1. You notice when McDonald's changes their menu

2. The same guy tries to pull the same scam on you more than once

3. You won't climb Table Mountain becaue "That's for the tourists"

4. Drug dealers don't ask you to buy from them anymore because they know you won't.

5. You can recognize every shady person on Long Street.

6. Store and restaurant owners give you a head nod when you walk by

7. You know the 24/7 restaurant is not really 24/7

8. You smell like BO and don't notice

9. You wear the same pair of clothes every day

10. 10. You think these jokes are funny



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